Hostel Freaks – All U Need // T-shirt/Download Package Review

‘All U Need’ is the latest release from synth wielding polymath Hostel Freaks. Released on Hostel Freaks’ own label Tonic Note Records, the two tracks are, as well as being downloadable on their own, available as part of a package. Said package includes the music downloads, an ‘All U Need’ T-shirt, a sample pack taken from the two tracks and an exclusive artist interview video.

Hostel Freaks – All U Need artwork

The two tracks on the release are entitled ‘Happy Cycling’ and ‘All U Need’. The tracks contrast in tempo and energy, ‘Happy Cycling’ going for a DJ Shadow/Martyn Bennet vibe, while ‘All U Need’, at a duration close to ten minutes, lies somewhere more in the Boards of Canada ballpark.

The accompanying video sees Hotel Freaks, aka Dave Maitland, tell the story of the conception of the tracks, looking at influences as well as delving deeper into the music production on the songs. In keeping with the package including samples, Maitland also explores some of the samples he used in putting together the track and the found sounds/field recordings he has been known to fit into his music. He also goes into a bit of detail on the types of sample libraries he has been mining from in his tracks and the various layers of arrangement and effects he has added to broaden out his sound.

Dave Hostel Freaks

The samples included as part of the package are sourced from both tracks and include a mixture of drum and synthesiser loops, pads, samples and field recordings. This provides you with a good range of building blocks to incorporate into your own music.

On top of all this, you of course have the Tonic Note branded T-Shirt with ‘All U Need’ artwork on the back, including illustrations of Louis (Maitland’s dog), a synthesiser and a bottle of bucky, all in artist Lee Tomasulo’s distinctive style.

Dave models the Tee

Altogether, this is an irresistible package for synth nerds, tonic alkys and electronic music fashionistas. Ideal for getting you in a summery mood or out of a creative rut. The music is pretty bangin’ too. Maitland promises a handful of further Tonic Note releases throughout 2020, so these are also worth looking out for.

Order the full package HERE

Tonic Note online:

Hostel Freaks Spotify




Whisky and Synths YouTube

– Sandy Power

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