Misty Galactic – The Worst // Single Review

Misty Galactic’s latest offering straddles the ridge between the divine and the diabolical in a dichotomy that reflects the perils of poor mental health and dark relationships. ‘The Worst’ takes on a similarly electronic sound to previous offering ‘Lucifer’, with Galactic opting once again to work with Open Eyes Productions recording facilities in Dundee in order to visualise her writing. Key features to her current sound include velvety vocals, muted/warped synthetic instruments and guitars and punchy electronic beats. Like ‘Lucifer’, it very much occupies that gothic, dark electronic pop space, which marries up well with her visual aesthetic.

Misty Galactic – The Worst single art

Galactic opens up about the themes of the song and the strong correlation between her life experience and the imagery in relation to mental health, “My head is a scary place to be sometimes, and it doesn’t always play well with others. I guess this is the story of one of the darker relationships I’ve been in, but it’s also about the way my mind works – that urge to push people away, then begging them to stay. Sometimes, I’ve felt like I’m cursed and fated when it comes to other people.” Galactic makes it clear with these words the unfortunate reality of her mental health problems spilling over into her relationships with others and the to and fro of her moods affecting her decisions regarding relationships. The imagery of the song reflects this with its references to toxic love. It’s a bold step artistically but a welcome one.

The quasi-religious imagery introduced in ‘Lucifer’ is also on show from the onset, the song opening with the line “Do to others as you would have them do to you, self-harm of karma that’s coming to you”. This evokes traditional themes of good vs. evil and karma, whilst broaching the topic of self-harm, whether physical or emotional. Galactic’s anxiety, perhaps even neurosis, is explored through the description of her nervousness and the fact she feels that her partner doesn’t “deserve” what she has to offer. Worried that she will lose the relationship, she ultimately leaves herself as described in the line “so I leave you first. Told you that I’m the worst”. The dichotomy of the song is encapsulated in the song’s chorus “Take no prisoners, leave no evidence, I am heaven, I am heaven sent, are you bored yet?” The instability of Galactic’s mental state is evidenced here, alongside destructive tendencies. The inclusion of reference to “heaven” consolidates the biblical imagery used previously.

Misty Galactic

Galactic’s fragility is also touched upon in the lyric “I’m tired of trying, my patience is thin”, as she begins to lose the strength she once had in the relationship, be it down to perceived failings of either herself of her partner. The lyrics then begin to point the finger at the other party, placing the earlier lyric on its head with “You make me feel so damn nervous, I know that I never deserved this”, going on to outline her insecurities in the line “But I’m afraid you’re gonna leave, I give you everything you need, then you leave me cursed, you had to be the worst”. Following the second chorus, the song comes to a conclusion as the final line “Are you bored yet?” repeats to a fade. We consider whether this is a question for her partner or indeed something she is asking herself.

‘The Worst’ is accompanied by a video by Mark Sharp Visuals, which matches the dulled sound of the music with a similarly muted colouring, placing Misty on a chair in a shot which looks almost like an interrogation; there is notably a clock timer placed at the bottom of the frame. Galactic seems exposed, even under pressure, and this matches the intensity and vulnerability indicated in the lyrics.

The music and accompanying video are of a high production quality yet retain a minimal style. The themes explored take a brave new direction, yet it feels like a natural progression and retains much of Galactic’s established aesthetic and sound. ‘The Worst’ is subtly rhythmic, to the point of being hypnotic, which plays into the hands of the themes of toxic relationships and dark mental states. It’s alternative in its aesthetic, yet has a very pop sheen. It’s a slow jam and can imagine pulling a disc of it out to play in a club. It’s stirring work from an artist with a strong identity.

‘The Worst’ is available to download and stream now!

Misty Galactic online:






– Sandy Power

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