Glassmasterer – Until the Dust // Single Review

The second single to come from Glassmasterer this month, ‘Until the Dust’ takes on the IDM/ambient mantle established by previous single ‘Dawn Runner’ and elements not dissimilar to dual EP releases ‘Dabble’ and ‘Deed’ which marked the artist’s first work under the Glassmasterer moniker.

Glassmasterer – Until the Dust artwork

‘Until the Dust’ occupies a more laid-back space than ‘Dawn Runner’, with a light Four Tet type vibe, due largely to the slightly off-kilter beat, soothing electric piano loop and adorning synth squeaks. There is a definitive pause in the middle of the song which sees the first half fade out before a richly textured combination of synths, sounding something like the opening to the aforementioned Londoner’s ‘New Energy’ album, fades in. This paves the way for a funky breakdown, which uses thinly applied layers of the previous groove, before building back up to something resembling what we had left in the first half.

As the music elaborates, we are treated to some lovely string samples which eventually become isolated from the majority of the rest of the music. The track ends on some playful piano which gradually fades into nothingness.


The B-side to the single, ‘Clock’, is largely made up of soft sounding synth layers which are testament to the more ambient side of Glassmasterer’s ideas. Like a clock, the music turns over in a cyclical manner and we are treated to a slow rhythmic wash that brings down the energy of the release further, which emphasises his more considered current approach to composition. This is a long way from the hook-laden days of ‘Last Chance to Make Plans/GhGhGhGhost!’ but this shows his clear versatility as a composer. The track is short-lived but acts as a nice comedown from the busier A-side.

The artwork for this single sees the use of another Super-8 still, as has been the norm for his audio-visual content online, as well as for the artwork for ‘Dawn Runner’. Glassmasterer’s slide into a more consistent aesthetic and sound, inspired by tech/minimal house and IDM, shows a maturity to his work which will no doubt be expanded upon in further releases, of which there is another extended play planned. Glassmasterer remains one of the most interesting, inventive and utterly cool artists I have come across in the Scottish electronic scene and he continues to make danceable and stimulating music apace.

‘Until the Dust’ is out on Friday, July 24th.

Pre-order/Pre-save the single HERE

Glassmasterer online:






– Sandy Power

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