Futur3 Sounds

Next event is instalment three of Future Sounds! This time hosted at Edinburgh’s Most Haunted Pub and Music Venue, The Banshee Labyrinth, on Saturday 22nd of February.


Futur3 Sounds promotional poster designed by Cod O’Donnell.

We have an incredibly exciting line-up with goth-rockers Choka topping the bill with support from two of Glasgow’s finest, Lo Rays and Woodwife, as well as the beautiful new acoustic project Heron Blue from Edinburgh-based songwriter Fraser McMillan. Doors are 7pm and the event will run to 10pm. Tickets are just £5 plus a small booking fee via Eventbrite or alternatively you can pay £7 to get in on the door. Find advance tickets HERE.

I’m particularly excited to bring across another two Glasgow bands who have really caught my attention over the past year. Woodwife have a fantastic infusion of folk and rock stylings that are topped off by vocalist Freya Giles’ incredible delivery. Lo Rays are one of the most exciting and energetic young bands I’ve heard recently and also possess an enigmatic frontwoman in Laura Takala.


This is not to say that we can forget the other acts! In fact, Choka more than deserve their place as headliners with their dark and grimy gothic rock. Their sound is perfectly suited to the venue and the sound of their three instruments (guitar, bass and drums) can really fill the room.


I’m also delighted to get Heron Blue along as I am very keen to get new acts on the bill at Future Sounds events. Fraser is a fantastic musician, playing guitar regularly in bands but is branching out into the realms of acoustic music with Heron Blue. Certainly, early evidence has shown that this is a very promising new direction!


This is the first Pictish Prism promotion of the year, with shows in Kirkcaldy and Glasgow also already announced. Find tickets for Future Sounds #GLA HERE. This bill however, offers something quite different from the other two. It’s strongly advised that you don’t miss it! Hope to see you there!


–  Sandy (Chief Pict)

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